Nana To Star In Upcoming Drama ‘Lion’ With Park Hae Jin

Our favorite star from The Good Wife is set to star with Park Hae Jin (OMG!)

She had a strong performance in The Good Wife, to the surprise of many, and this upcoming role opposite Park Hae Jin will be amazing. Nana is playing a mystery woman where she loses her loved one and tries to find out the truth behind his death.

The team behind the TV series initially titled “Lion” admitted that they had Nana already in mind when they were planning the drama.

Nana has already began taking Martial Arts classes to prepare for the series because there are several action scenes in the drama requiring her to show some boxing and judo skills.

“She is so passionate about this drama”, the production team shared.

Park Hae Jin, known for his brooding roles in Cheese in the Trap and Faraway Love, is playing four different characters in this drama. This drama is rumored to be a prequel or a sequel to Man to Man where Park Hae Jin played a Korean “ghost” agent.

Lion is set to be premiering next year!