Daebak! Hospital Ship Episode 1-2 brought in all the necessary elements for a good drama. We have both our leading cast back story define at the onset. Ha Ji Won is feels like she’s back with a vengeance and Kang Min Hyuk of CNBLUE) is out to prove something as this is his first lead role outing. Our supporting cast are funny, hilarious, and poignant at the same time. I love them already!



A ship is travelling in a stormy sea. Everything looks hopeless but they cannot give up since there’s been an accident. They resolve to get to the hospital ship.


Cut to: Ha Ji Won’s character Eun-Jae is running in a hospital corridor then converges in a scene where she is jogging and witnesses a car accident. She is shown as a bad ass doctor, committed and passionate, albeit intimidating.


Cut to: We are shown a military lottery where the soldiers will be raffled of for their assignments. They can choose according to their number and can select anywhere they like. With the exception of those who are assigned to the ship. Two guys talk that the would willingly go anywhere except be assigned to the Hospital Ship. Of course they are chosen for the Hospital Ship. Thus we have our first two Doctors Lee Seo-Won and Kim In-Sik. We are also prosented to our 2 Hospital Ship recruiters, Choo Won-Gong and Bang Sung-Woo.


Cut to: Kang Min Hyuk (Kwak Hyun) driving a car and being hit by another car from the back. Turns out his mother purposely hit him (Goodness!). Side drama about her not being in love with his father anymore (and might have someone else already). He was being talked out of something. Mother says that they can go back to Seoul, beg his grandfather if he needs to.  (Wow, it can’t be that bad right?) Now we have our third doctor. Turns out he volunteered to go on the Hospital Ship.


Here he is being welcomed by the aghast staff who had never had someone volunteer before. What a grand tour! It doesnt look like the ship is haunted at all!


Cut to: The operating table. Eun Jae (Ha Ji Won) is operating on the accident patient. Other doctor is afraid the patient might die. Eun Jae attempts to calm him by saying he’s not his father anyway. He tells him to still his hands or the patients death will be on him.


Now we are being introduced to the usual Hospital Politics. A guy rushes into an office to tell the director that there is a problem. Director seems to be unconcerned because Eun Jae is operating. But it is a cause for concern because the patient is the heir of rival hospital.  The Director called Eun Jae for updates. On his interview by the press he said the exact same thing that Eun Jae said. Eun Jae is being asked by a colleague if it feels unfair that someone else is taking credit for her work. She says yes. Yes its unfair that the colleague is wasting time on other stuff instead of learning how to be a better doctor. The colleague is confused but another doctor explained that it’s all calculated and she’s letting the director take credit because she wants to be the youngest director of surgery. Now we get a glimpse of Eun Jae’s ambition.


If you cant beat it, enjoy it! Our 3 doctors are having fun treating the assignment as a cruise vacation and the crew is a bit annoyed.


Cut to: A patient who looks poor comes up to Eun Jae and tells her that she’s from the island sent by her mother. Eun Jae is annoyed and tells her mother off. There is a very sweet scene where he mother tells her sister why she keeps sending her daughter patients even though they know that she is very busy. She tells her sister that she is very lonely and wants to matter too.


Cut to: Eun Jae being presented to Chaebol father of the guy he saved. More discreet politics and Eun Jae praising the director as her mentor. Walking outside, she mentions the patients sent by her mother. The director calls someone to admit the patients into a VIP room. After his call he admonishes Eun Jae to tell her mother to consider her “position” because people might talk and might affect her plan to be the next Director. Eun Jae is abashed.


Cut to: Back in the island, her mother is complaining of indigestion and chest pains. Sister advises that she go to a doctor. Mother says it’s too expensive. Sister mentions that the Hospital Ship is coming by. She agrees to go. She’s happy that it’s free. Sister ribs her that she has a doctor daughter, why should she be happy? Mother just smiles adorably.


Cut to: Hospital Ship staff (director?) Choo Won Gong is looking at a magazine featuring Eun Jae as the doctor with miracle hands. Pyo Go Eun asks if he’s planning to hire her. He says he can only dream. Nurse mentions that the 3 doctors “stooges” are wreaking havoc.


Somewhere in the ship, Eun Jae’s mother is consulting with Dr Kwak (:P). He gives her some medicine for her indigestion but suggest that she has her heart checked because sometimes heart problems often have the side effect of indigestion. Mother mentions her daughter and brags about her. She takes out a picture and shows it to Dr Kwak. They have some chitchat that Dr Kwak will not be able to handle her. Dr Kwak that he’ll do it for love. Mother approves. Mother leaves forgetting about the picture. So now Dr Kwak has Eun Jae’s picture. (Will turn up in the future I’m sure!)


Cut to: Island. Mom has a conversation with sister/ friend / neighbor and she convinces her to have a full check up at the city.

Back in the city. Eun Jae is fending off hospital politics when she gets called for a Code Blue for her VIP patient. It turns out to be a prank. He wants to pay her for saving him. She doesn’t accept the envelope. (Chaebol guy is cute tho).

On her way out Eun Jae receives a call from her mom. She tells her that shes in Seoul. Eun Jae then asks if shes sending patients from the island again. Eun Jae doesnt let her finish Mom answers yes, but this time… (it’s her). Eun Jae mouths off that she’s having a hard time just surviving and she should just take her patient home and stop being meddlesome. Mom follows Eun Jae from the elevator to the canteen but doesnt show herself. She watches as Eun Jae eats bread without milk and worries because she’s almost choking on it. She goes back without having herself checked. On the way home, she looks longingly at Eun Jae’s building. (GOSH THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL)


Cut to: Eun Jae having some happy chit chat with her team. The atmosphere is celebratory. Eun Jae receives a call. She answers and it’s her aunt/ mother’s friend literally shouting on the phone that her mom is dying. In seconds Eun Jae is running while giving instructions to give first aid to her mother. She remembers the Chaebol guy and runs back to him asking him to pay her back for saving his life. He is confused  but Eun Jae is in panic and almost crying. She shouts at him to make a call if he really wants to pay her back. A helicopter arrives to bring her to the hospital where her mother was taken. As soon as it touches down, she runs and takes over the medical team attending to her mother. They already gave up and her monitor shows no life. She insisted on trying to save her saying the patient is her mom and doctor in charge lets her after verifying her identity. But it is too late and her mother is dead. She announces her death.

We hear her voice, narrating. To her, saving a patient is just like breathing. And that’s why, for a moment, she forgot that it was her mother that she was treating. She realizes that when her mother called, the patient she’s referring to is her. She says that she cannot cry and does not deserve to cry. She thinks to herself that if she only listened, she could have done more for her, instead of just being the doctor who announced her death. We see her on a boat, travelling home?


Cut to: Dr Joon Young is having motion sickness and cannot perform his duties properly. They have a new boy patient who is diagnosed to have appendicitis. Unfortunately helicopter cannot reach them just in time to perform the surgery. Grandfather insists on operating on the boy. But there is no one to operate. Dr Kwak’s specialization is Internal Medicine and not surgery.

Cut to: Eun Jae arrives just in time. We now have the final doctor to complete the team!



I liked the pacing and how they introduced each character, their failings and back stories. Notably, Eun Jae’s character we see how her mother’s death affects her stoic and often mechanical performance as a doctor. I am going to miss her mother. I know it’s her only scene but her grace, her beauty, and her love for her daughter shows throughout even when she turned her away. The way she said “she’s so mean” made my heart twinge for my mother. The second episode took my all and I was crying while Eun Jae was running to save her. I know! Episode 1 and I’m already crying! All in all, great 1st and second episode. I cant wait to see her conflict with Dr Kwak. I’m not sure how it will develop but Im kind of rooting for Chaebol guy this early. I’m not sure though if this will be his last episode. I’m excited for tomorrow’s episode!

As you probably noticed, I watched this on Viu. It’s an app I love because they sub so quick!