After dilly dallying for a week, I was able to convince myself to finish the series Bride of Habaek, also known as the Bride of The Water God.

Bride of the Water God is a TvN production for their Monday-Tuesday drama “Bride of the Water God” that premiered on July 3.

We had such a high expectation coming from the heels of the intensely satisfying Goblin, They had the same premise and storyline, a god falling in love with a human girl. Plus starring Nam Joo Hyuk, freshly minted from the success of Weighlifting Fairy. That alone should be enough to carry the storyline.

Unfortunately, many fans were disappointed.

What went wrong?

Here is my review.

  1. Extremely slow moving storyline. The story was adapted from a manhwa and lots of fans are complaining that it’s very different. I have not read the manhwa version and I cannot comment on that but it was already Episode 5 and viewers are still clueless on what is happening.
  2. Leading lady Soo Ah (Shin Se Kyung) had the same character from beginning to end. (Plus the same gaze to the horizon that passed of as acting  extremely annoyed me. I am not an easy person to annoy. The much tauted character relatability is bordering on the stupid, I swear, her fainting and unbelieving stance -up to Episode 8 is enough to make me hit the monitor. Plus the “insecurities”, oh wow. I am so speechless as to how the writers made this character.
  3. I’m sorry, Nam Joo Hyuk fans, but his acting is wooden and underwhelming. I enjoyed his Weighlifting acting, I mean, not as bad, but this one – his brooding look plus his confused character is just too much. (I’ll still watch your future dramas, but maybe you’re too young for this character.
  4. Side characters did not support the main characters. (Most were useless, the other gods are as pathetic as humans, sometimes even worse.) Could have been forgiving if the acting were at least good but, alas. They looked like they were practising for a High School Play. (and that’s saying enough). Huye (Lim Ju Hwan) did pull it off for me though and the comic relief provided by Nam Soo Ri (Park Gyu Sun) was a welcome respite. Krystal was, oh well, I’m shutting up.
  5. Unresolved story lines that must have confused the writers as it confused the viewers. At least they resolved the father issue at the end but there are other glaring plot holes that was left behind.


PLUS POINTS: Kissing Scenes

5 years from now, after I have forgotten about the annoying series and it’s storyline, I will still remember this kiss.

In conclusion, the Bride of Water God annoyed me, but still I was able to finish it. I may have been grumbling all the time, but the kisses and super cute Nam Joo Hyuk still won. The writing was terrible. I’m putting all the blame on the writers really. The cast could have come together if not for the writing. The ending sort of pulled it off so if you’re asking if you will watch it or not, go ahead and watch. Cute drama, love story was fine despite too much push and pull. I hope they remake it into an amazingly epic drama that it deserves to be!