Author: Hyera Song

Hwayugi A Korean Odyssey -First script reading for tvN drama series

Hwayugi – A Korean Odyssey Who is excited for Lee Seung Gi to be back on the small screen? TVN recently held the first script reading for upcoming drama series “A Korean Odyssey” or otherwise known as Hwayugi on November 4, 2017. The drama is a modern adaptation of “Pilgrimage to the West or Journey to the West ,” an ancient Chinese novel. “Hwayugi” is a 2017-2018 South Korean drama series directed by Park Hong Kyun.  The drama is written by Jong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran, often referred to as “the Hong Sisters,” who have written many hit television...

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Recap: Hospital Ship Episode 1-2

Daebak! Hospital Ship Episode 1-2 brought in all the necessary elements for a good drama. We have both our leading cast back story define at the onset. Ha Ji Won is feels like she’s back with a vengeance and Kang Min Hyuk of CNBLUE) is out to prove something as this is his first lead role outing. Our supporting cast are funny, hilarious, and poignant at the same time. I love them already!   EPISODE 1-2 RECAP A ship is travelling in a stormy sea. Everything looks hopeless but they cannot give up since there’s been an accident. They...

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Bride of Habaek Review. To Watch or Not To Watch?

After dilly dallying for a week, I was able to convince myself to finish the series Bride of Habaek, also known as the Bride of The Water God. Bride of the Water God is a TvN production for their Monday-Tuesday drama “Bride of the Water God” that premiered on July 3. We had such a high expectation coming from the heels of the intensely satisfying Goblin, They had the same premise and storyline, a god falling in love with a human girl. Plus starring Nam Joo Hyuk, freshly minted from the success of Weighlifting Fairy. That alone should be...

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